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Your landscape is comprised of numerous living, breathing organisms. That being said, they’ll need to be taken care of. Ensure the health of your plants with our Landscape Health Care Inspection service. Our inspection program works to protect your investment in landscaping, while also benefitting the environment.

We work to minimize, and in some cases eradicate, the use of chemicals when treating your plants for insects and diseases that damage plants, shrubs and trees. When it comes to treatments, less is best. It all comes down to timing and proper knowledge.

Lucky for you, our plant specialists are experts in both. Through meticulous record keeping and growth tracking, we are able to perfectly time treatments for your plants. This helps keep your maintenance costs down, while increasing the value of your landscape.

Every yard is unique and requires a different approach. Our plant experts will craft you a custom inspection program. Features of your tailored inspection program can include:

  • Monitoring of all landscape material.
  • Treating plants that are being damaged or are at risk for damage. Especially plants that aren’t being controlled by beneficial insects or prescriptive cultural practices.
  • Adding beneficial insects into the landscape, as an alternative to pesticides, where ever possible.
  • Performing a soil test and implementing a soil and/or root healthcare program.
  • Measuring and correcting critical watering issues.
  • Providing reports after each inspection, so you’ll always be up to date on the status of your landscape. Documenting your property’s history is vital for generating more accurate predictions of detrimental outbreaks.
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