Bucket Truck liftedHere at Corbo Landscaping we don’t just tailor to residential tree work. We are fully outfitted to handle a host of other tree and landscaping needs. Our job is to make it easy to do your job. Our full service line gives you the ability to hire one company to do it all with the reassurance that it will be done right the first time, be reasonable in price, and completed within your time constraints. We work hard to make it easy to work with us. Our professional services include but are not limited to the following:

Tree Inventory

Trying to juggle homeowners, contractors, and permitting can be a challenge. Tree inventories are great documentation to help smooth the way with Townships, get professional advice on which trees are structurally and healthy enough to keep, and reduces the number of trees that are required through shade tree mandates to replace.

Tree Preservation

Is there that one special tree on your site that cannot be lost or do you need to preserve the feel of an established neighborhood on your multi-house construction? We have the tools to help ensure the trees are not just a circle on the plan set, but truly part of the scope that encompasses your project. From tree protection fences that more accurately define the root areas of the tree, to investigative air tool root exploration, to temporary construction roadways that minimize impact to affect the trees’ structure and health; we can provide it all.

Air Tool Work

Are you doing demolition or construction within the canopy of the tree? Have you completed a project where trucks have been traveling over roots? Do you have tree trunks buried in soil or mulch? Do you need to install utilities through the root area of a tree? If you do then the prescription may be to use a supersonic air tool. The tool is good, but our Certified Arborist that has worked with construction companies, landscape architects, engineers, planners, and architects makes an air tool great. There are many innovative ways to use the air tool when combined with arboricultural knowledge to make the unlikely often possible. Ask us how!

  • Vertical Mulching
  • Radial Trenching
  • Non-Invasive Trenching for Utilities
  • Soil Amendment Mixing
  • Root Crown Excavations
  • Root Exploration

Landscape Services

From start of project to completion we can help perform all of the following:

  • Land clearing
  • Brush-clearing
  • Tree and stump removal
  • Final re-grading
  • Reseeding
  • Landscape Design
  • Landscape install
  • Deadwood pruning

Maintenance Services

Every property needs regular care, and our maintenance programs for homes, apartments, high rise buildings, office buildings, and retail establishments are geared to your specific needs.


Did you know that mulching is one of the best ways to help your landscape when the correct product is used properly. The problem is that most landscaping companies in the area do it wrong! Mulch and soil piled against the trunks of trees can kill trees in a short time. Mulch from non-reputable places are often made from chemically treated shipping pallets and then dyed to look like hardwood mulch. Do you know where your mulch is coming from?


Hand weeding is often a necessity of bed maintenance. There are some easy ways to reduce this maintenance item; ask us how!

String Trimming / Edging

This service is usually the final piece that makes a property look finished. Unfortunately, the way it is done can hurt the plants and trees more then it helps. Ask us how we perform this service differently?

Lawn Applications

Everyone has a different tolerance level for their lawns. This allows us the opportunity to optimize your budget by tailoring a program that fits your expectations. Let us help you make your lawn what you want it to be!

Lawn Mowing — Commercial and Industrial

As part of our complete service line-up, lawn mowing can be a part of your program. Let us help be the one stop shop for all your landscape needs.

Snow Removal — Commercial and Industrial

When it comes to bad weather; we are the best. We have been servicing parking lots for years without complaint. Some years we never hear from our clients at all because they don’t need to call… We are already there; on top of the snow. We are the solution!

Estate Landscape Health Care – Insect / Disease Control