Tree Pruning & Trimming

Tree pruning and tree trimming is another service offered by our tree specialists at Corbo Landscaping. Over the last three decades, we’ve mastered the skill, and in some cases art, of tree pruning and trimming. This is a tree care service that should be performed occasionally for the health of the tree. Hazardous situations, like dead branches, should be taken care of sooner rather than later.

Tree pruning and trimming serves two main purposes: maintenance and risk reduction. The maintenance aspect is geared toward the aesthetics of your property. Certain species of trees must have their branches trimmed or pruned to achieve the optimal look for your property. This can also help to prevent more costly tree issues down the line.

The risk reduction aspect of our expert tree pruning and trimming service focuses on branches that compromise the structure of a tree. A compromised tree structure is a serious hazard. It can lead to falling limbs or the collapse of your tree entirely, all to the risk of your residential or commercial property, not to mention peoples’ lives. Tree pruning and trimming is just one of the many precautionary tree maintenance options we offer.

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