Tree Risk Assessment

As we previously stated, trees provide an abundance of benefits for homes, businesses and our planet in general. However, if a tree is at risk of falling and injuring people or damaging property, something must be done. You should always seek an expert’s opinion on the state of your tree(s).

Our certified arborist at Corbo Landscaping can perform a thorough tree risk assessment of your commercial or residential property. Over the years, we’ve developed an eye for swiftly and easily identifying problem areas. Our tree specialists have in-depth knowledge pertaining to:

  • Species prone to branch and stem failures
  • Stem and branch defects (cracks, decay, poor branch attachments, etc.)
  • Tree limb spacing and angles
  • Location of trees in proximity to property structures (i.e. your home or business)
  • Location of trees in proximity to frequently used areas of the property
  • Examining stems for clues
  • Warning signs (loose bark, cavities, cankers, etc.)
  • Pests and diseases
  • Root problems
  • And so much more

Once our tree specialists complete your tree risk assessment, they will advise you on the best possible tree care solution. Whatever the outcome, we offer a variety of tree services that will increase the safety and beauty of your property.

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