Plant Feeding

Plant Feeding

Many people try their hand at acquiring a green thumb, but what they often fail to realize is that most plants need more than just water to survive and thrive. Similar to humans and animals, plants also need to eat. Specifically, they need food with nitrogen, potassium and phosphate, as well as other micronutrients like manganese and iron.

However, finding the right food for your plant isn’t the easiest of tasks. There are various types of plant food and tons of different brands to choose from. Not to mention, you’ll want to determine what kind of food each type of plant needs, how much it needs and when. This is yet another set of hurdles you’ll be faced with. Simplify your life and leave the plant feeding to the professionals!

Our plant specialists at Corbo Landscaping will utilize their knowledge and experience of proper feeding techniques to your garden’s benefit. Proper feeding of plants generates swift and noticeably larger growth of certain types of plants. It can also help plants to fight off diseases. Larger plants will cast a greater shadow, which in turn can hinder the growth of weeds, an added benefit for your landscape.

You can bet that the work of our plant professionals will help your gardens grow lush, packed with plants that are bursting with life.

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