Plant Disease Management

Plant Disease Management

Perhaps your plants are feeling under the weather. They might be plagued with a plant disease. Plant disease is often caused by microorganisms like fungi and bacteria. Environmental stress, such as a drought, air pollution or extreme temperatures can also cause this abnormality in your trees and shrubs. Insects can cause great harm to trees and shrubs as well.

It’s difficult to diagnose what disease a plant has because more often than not, plants struggling with very different problems exhibit the same, or very similar, symptoms. Diagnostic tests should be performed by a true plant and tree professional. Our team at Corbo Landscaping will perform tests to determine if your trees and/or shrubs are in any way infected. We will give you the proper diagnosis, and then proceed forward with a course of treatment.

Treatment of tree and plant disease will of course, lead to better health of your landscape. This in turn protects your investment, and the beauty and preservation of your property. Our recommendation for plant disease treatment will be made based on the following factors:

  1. The type of tree or plant in question.
  2. The severity of the disease in your plant or tree.
  3. Your personal needs, whether financial or moral (ex. eco-friendly, environmentally sustainable practices).

Once our tree experts take these factors into consideration, they will pursue the proper course of treatment, which could include any of the following:

  • Tree Injections: A cost-effective and safe for the environment, as well as your family, this method involves injecting the treatment directly into a tree’s trunk.
  • Fungicide Drench: This involves applying the treatment to the leaders, trunk and root area just below the tree. Combined with prescribed plant health practices, this can be highly effective in minimizing stress and reversing the decline your tree was in.
  • Soil Amends: Adding nutrients to the soil near the tree makes the root area less conducive to disease development. Specifically, adding humates (high quality organic matter) to the soil can truly benefit your trees.
  • Insect Management
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