Insect Control

Insect Control

Aside from weather and time, your trees and plants have another enemy to withstand: insects. Insect control, also known as pest control, is a critical part of maintaining a beautiful and healthy landscape. The best way to prevent an insect infestation, and to take control of one, is by instating frequent inspections. Corbo Landscaping offers insect control services, which includes inspections and extermination of any harmful pests that have invaded your trees and/or plants.

There are hundreds of insect species that prey on roots, stems, leaves and branches of plants and trees. Lawns and turf, shrubs, fruits and vegetables, flowers and trees are all susceptible to a harmful insect infestation. At the same time, your landscape is most likely filled with harmless and/or beneficial insects as well. True landscaping experts will know the difference, and be able to handle the problem effectively.

At Corbo Landscaping, our insect control solutions include the following steps:

  • Properly identifying what’s crawling around on your property to determine what’s harmful and what’s safe to stay.
  • Planning a course of action if an insect infestation is spotted.
  • Treating your property’s insect infestation in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way possible. This may come in the form of introducing beneficial insects to your landscape to suppress pests and protect the beautiful, living organisms on your property. It could also mean using eco-friendly products to eradicate your pest problem.
  • Following up with consistent insect control inspections, to check on progress and prevent further damage to your property.

This is a “lather, rinse, repeat” process. Our plant and tree experts will ensure total insect control of your landscape by following each of these steps during our visits.

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